Jessica Rights and Nicholas Freeman

Mount Airy residents Jess and Nick were furloughed from their catering jobs as operations manager and waitress, respectively.  They live in the heart of the neighborhood where you may catch them out for a walk with their two little dogs or tending to their personal organic garden or the community garden.  Jessica has raised thousands of plants from seed for food programs.  Nicholas carefully plans and plants seedlings outdoors.  With their catering experience and fresh veggies, they eat as well at home as in any restaurant.


People throughout Philadelphia lack access to fresh whole food.  Nick and Jess are on a mission to help people eat nutritiously and fight food scarcity.  They believe that everyone has a right to eat as well as they do.

When the pandemic hit, they asked their friend and owner of Malelani Cafe George Drakopoulos to help them buy food wholesale for distribution to neighbors.  Word traveled fast.  Friends, neighbors, and strangers started calling to buy fruits and vegetables from them from their front porch.  With the profits they make, they donate fresh food to people in need.  Jess and Nick now have a donated storefront provided by the Mount Airy CDC and operate out of 6620 Germantown Ave.  They, with a team of volunteers, purchase package and distribute fresh whole food to their neighbors.  They are grateful for your support which makes this venture possible.